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22 January 2006 @ 01:36 pm
Since most people in anime club don't have LJs, we're moving this community to myspace...hopefully it'll be more functional there.

Here's the URL: http://groups.myspace.com/parkvilleanime

As of Sunday, January 22, 2006, I officially declare the Parkville Anime LJ community closed.

Haha, I lie. If people still wanna post stuff here, go on ahead. Just keep in mind that all future announcements will be made in the myspace group.

Till later!
10 January 2006 @ 08:59 am
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16 December 2005 @ 12:36 am
The club is just not what it used to be anymore. Ever since we moved the clubs date to tuesday we have less and less people attending. I'm about to declare the club dead, though we do have some people who frequently attend the meetings. I'm going to try my best to get more attention attracted to the club and make it fun to be there. Anyways a small party next week nothing special just maybe a few snacks.
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04 December 2005 @ 10:17 am
Nonye agreed to me bringing in Saiyuki Requiem tuesday. So, at this point I'll bring in that; and if I can't get it, I'll bring in Appleseed.
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08 November 2005 @ 05:57 pm
Well, before you do anything else, please read the user info page for some important information.

After you've finished that, I'd like to get some measure of discussion going on here. For everyone who was at the video day today, what did you think of Yakitate!!Japan (what did you like about it? what did you hate about it? would you like to see it included in the library?)? If you don't answer this question, I'm going to assume that you liked it. =)
28 October 2005 @ 12:16 am
Yeah, I kind of won't be at the next video game day because of employment opportunities. I have to be at an interview at 3:00 and I don't know how long it will go. So I'll be there for maybe 15 minutes. Maybe. I hope at least one of the other officers will be there for the entire meeting or I'll have to cancel it.
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27 October 2005 @ 01:12 am
Just a quick note:

The Soul Calibur 3 tournament has been pushed back to the game day following the next. This will allow people to get more accustomed to the characters. The Shounen Jump drawing will remain in place, however, so still bring your money ($2.00).

Spread the word, spread the word. =)

I need to go to bed...
26 October 2005 @ 01:53 pm
Wow, I now have a use for LJ.

I would like to suggest that the Soul Calibur III tournament be pushed back to the next game day. Since it just came out today, I ( and I'm sure many others) believe that next tuesday is a little too soon. We want some time to get accustomed to the game, and to make our characters. Others interested in the tourney and I have already made extensive, if not absurd, character and tournament plans (a religious figure tournament?), so we think it would be better to push back the date.
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